Bye, Bye SoundEdit

soundedit freaks out
SoundEdit has a hard time nowadays.

Sometime in 96, Macromedia stopped updating SoundEdit. That was a very, very…puzzling decision. In the meantime SoundEdit has gotten cult status and is still widely used.

I use it to quickly create multi-channel sound textures — something that I can’t do in the otherwise excellent Peak. And it takes too long to do in Cubase or any of the other heavy players (Yes, I tried Deck)!

Unfortunately, SoundEdit has gradually become buggier for each and every new version of Mac OS released, and since X it’s hardly even usable anymore. The screenshot on the left is from when I tried to record under OS 9.2.2.

I’m amazed by the fact that nobody simply copied the killer features of SoundEdit and built a shareware app out of it.
That person would probably be rich by now…

Update: Well, there are some pathetic attempts