Structured Blogging and Collaborative Filtering

In 2003 Alf Eaton proposed a standard RDF-vocabulary for reviews. That started off an interesting discourse that has now lead up to the Structured Blogging Initiative (among other things). Structured blogging is basically about..well..structuring blog content (ratings, reviews, events, etc) so that it becomes machine-readable.

Structured Blogging

It struck me that one of the cool things that one could potentially do — if a lot of people start to use this technology — is to build a distributed collaborative filtering system on top of it. I imagine a service that would track your blog, get out your ratings/opinions, build a profile for you (much like does), and match that with the profiles of other bloggers. The system could then provide you with a number of feeds that could give you relevant and accurate recommendations on things such as books, movies and music. It could also point you to other bloggers with similar taste.

This technology — again if it gets widely adopted — will, I believe, have interesting effects on the blogosphere. What happens when there is a massive peer-to-peer colloborative filtering infrastructure around? One thing is certain — The tail will get ridiculously long…

UPDATE: This 2002 paper by Hassan Masum outlines TOOL, The Open Opinion Layer. Great read.