24 Hour Dotcom Revisited

I’ve finally uploaded a very entertaining documentary film about the 24 Hour Dotcom online for viewing and downloading at ourmedia.org. Big thanks to Ben Pohl and Sebastian Gollek for creating the film!

24 hour dotcomChampagne flashmob. Watch the film here.

In other news, a site called Yubnub placed 2nd in the recent Railsday competition (in which teams are to create a web app with Ruby on Rails in 24 hours). Yubnub is very similar to Dozomo — the site we built in 24 hours — and has received lots of hype. Looks like we’ve got competition! I’m still addicted to Dozomo though, partly because of it’s glorious Ajaxified command completion. We’ve also got some new features coming up within the next few weeks (search history with command completion are among them).