iTunes Affiliate Application Status

Dear Eric Wahlforss:
We regret to inform you that iTunes has chosen not to accept your application for the iTunes Affiliate Program at this time.  This may be because:

  • The content is unrelated to iTunes
  • Your site is temporarily down or under construction — please make sure to apply again after 2 weeks.
  • A wrong or misspelled URL given in the application.  Please correct the problem and apply again.
  • Your site is aesthetically unpleasing
  • Your site promotes tobacco, alcoholic beverages or excessive drinking/drug use
  • Your site contains extreme religious content
  • Your site is international (with a majority of visitors based OUTSIDE the US. or written in a foreign language)

Well, Apple, if you could explicitly tell me what’s wrong with my site, I’d be happy to fix it. I’m selling my music on your crappy DRM-ridden platform, remember?