Tell me what you don’t like about yourself

Nip TuckSome pieces of music produced by my mysterious alter-ego have been appearing on a particular American television series. Recently a random person sent me a mail mentioning how he “got to know Forss from Nip/Tuck” and how “that song worked together with the visuals of the episode in a very impressive way”. Before this email, I hadn’t watched a single episode of Nip/Tuck, heck, when I think about it I hardly watched any TV series in a last couple of years. The mail, however, awoke some curiosity.

And then, just a few days after, a friend let me know how seductively easy it is to watch television series these days, “You don’t even have to do BitTorrent or any of that crap”, he told me, “just go to one of these pirate streaming flash sites!”

And so I did. And what a surprise I got. Nip/Tuck is pretty damn good. Just finished watching the first season, and I’m really looking forward to the second. It’s fascinating how they build almost every episode around a taboo of some kind. And not surprising that there is an american national anti-Nip/Tuck movement either. I laughed out loud many times during this series. I cried. I rediscovered a piece by Debussy. Never thought a fixation on surface could be this deep. I think even Zizek would be interested. Highly recommended.

P.s. 1. Forss music appears on episodes 02×07, 02×15 and 03×09.
P.s. 2. The “very impressive” scene consists of Matt getting a swastika pierced to his ear by Ariel. Haha, can’t wait for episode three…