onelinrI put together a small piece of “ConferenceWare” that I call Onelinr for a course in school. I got the basic idea from scene parties in the old days where an old computer with a big, green-black CRT screen was sometimes set up so that anyone could stop by and type in an anonymous “oneliner”, usually to comment on the event and on the people attending it. I remember reading some of these oneliners late at night with great amusement–the concept worked really well.

It’s now been more than ten years since I last saw one of these setups and so I thought why not make a site that lets anyone start a collaborative oneliner channel for any occasion, be it a conference, club, panel… or demo party. As I’ve concluded earlier, backchannels are everywhere these days, but we are still only beginning to understand their place in our future lives…

So, why not go ahead and contribute with a oneliner!