OpenDNS, Yes!

OpenDNS has just substantially improved my Internet experience. It’s is a very smooth replacement for your ISP:s DNS servers that–aside from being very speedy–adds a couple of nifty browsing improvements (like shortcuts, phishing sites protection, etc). Their business model is probably mainly based on serving up a (rather nice) search page if you mistype a url (they already do over a billion lookups every day). Last nice thing is if you type thesite.cmo, OpenDNS will automatically redirect to Their nameserver response times seems a hell of a lot faster than my local ISP:s (Telia, Telenor, and Comhem) which I think is really embarrasing for the local providers. I mean, c’mon guys, this is 2007 and it simply should not take 5 seconds for a simple DNS lookup. Buy more servers.

Oh, and you can also embed a “shortcut creation” link for a site anywhere on a page. Below I’ve put such a link to my own page: