SpanningSync, great but overpriced

I’m hooked on SpanningSync, a little app that transparently keeps my iCal and gCal in sync. This is great because gCal is truly collaborative & sharable & free, whereas iCal enables my phone sync. I ended up paying a year’s subscription for $25 although it’s a pretty crazy price for such a little tool (full price is $65–as a comparison TextMate is $39). Their announcement post spawned some interesting comments around pricing, as well as a few related posts. This comment sums up the problem:

$65 X 18000 = $1.17 Million …. nice dream
$65 X 180 = $11,700 …. reality
$20 X 200,000 = $4 million …. sweet spot

I bet an open-source solution that is free will follow soon–if not Google themselves decides that it’s a good idea to support iCal. It really is, if you ask me.