MacBook Air

So finally Apple has released the laptop I have been longing for since 2003, and it’s neither called MacBook Nano nor Thin, but Air. So, there we have it: the world’s first beautiful subnotebook.

The only problem is, I won’t buy it. At least not the first revision. I have a black MacBook since almost two years now, and buying a MacBook Air would be a downgrade. CPU is slower, hard drive too (unless I’d pay up EUR800 for an SSD, that is), graphics card too, RAM is the same (just when I started craving for more…), and, heck, my MB disk almost is twice the size of the SSD. Looks like More’s law has stopped working.

Meanwhile the new Lenovo apparently has most of what I had wanted to see in the Air; 4GB RAM, 2GHz, 13.3′ 1440*900, 3G card, and weighs… less.

C’Mon Apple, you can beat ’em. My credit card is ready for you.