Wired on SoundCloud

I clearly remember my first contact with Wired. It was when my father bought me an issue for my 15th birthday back in ’94. I remember the smell and the colors as it happened only yesterday. I even remember which issue it was–“The Spew Issue”. Back then I didn’t understand much of what I read actually–this was a new world opening up. The colorful, mesmerizing world of California tech-hippie culture…

Ever since then I’ve come to love Wired, and I try to read at least the main pieces of every issue.
And today, almost 15 years later, I’m excited to say that things have come full circle and we are in the online edition with SoundCloud! (And we’re in the current printed issue as well, in another article…)

So thanks Wired for all the inspiration over the years and for a great piece on SoundCloud today!