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Taipei gets city-wide wifi

July 11th, 2006

San Francisco may be the first city to provide free city-wide wifi, but Taipei becomes the first city in the world to roll out city-wide wifi (some 4000 hotspots, covering 90%). The uptake is slower than expected though, with only 40000 users out of 2.6 million so far. The reason? There are already so many free hotspots in the city that few people want to pay the monthly fee of $12.50!

Ideas for Startups

October 21st, 2005

“The fact that there’s no market for startup ideas suggests there’s no demand”. Such a good way to put it! Paul Graham have more great tips on getting ideas for startups.

Yahoo aquires

October 6th, 2005

I’m not sure I’m interpreting this correctly, but it sure looks like Yahoo buys It is coming from the horses mouth, after all…

First nail in the coffin for Flash?

April 20th, 2005

Adobe buys Macromedia and suddenly SVG might get a revival! I’d really like to see that happen, as it is a much more Web 2.0 savvy technology than Flash will ever be.

Todd Dominey and Dave Shea has good posts.