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SIME kicks off

November 22nd, 2006

…with a very exciting panel featuring Carlos Bhola, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Martin Varsavsky, and Alexander Bard. Carlos Bhola and Martin Varsavsky totally rocked the panel, whereas I feel Mr. Bard is way off in much of his thinking. Sorry, but who would agree on that millions of Korean school children are all schizophrenic?!

Jyri kicks ass!

June 11th, 2005

jyriEyes on the ball. Image borrowed from Bjoern.

Although I was aware of every single point of Jyri’s talk in advance, it was absolutely mindblowing to see him deliver these crystal clear arguments live. Jyri reminds me why we are here at reboot; not just to talk, but to enjoy great talks! Big thanks.


June 10th, 2005

At Reboot with all these great people — Adam, Henrik, Erik, Stefan, Alexis, Joel, Ulla, Jyri and many more — realising that (sadly?) 99% of all the interesting talk takes place between the talks! Aside from the great keynote by Doc Searls, there’s a lot of talk about things we already know all too well; blogs, creative commons, tags, wikis, etc. Of course it’s nice to to hear people like Jimbo Wales explaining the philosophy that spawned Wikipedia (interesting factoid: ~2% of Wikipedia users provide ~75% of the content!), and David Heinemeier Hansson talking about how he created rails; but all in all, these talks really serve more like wrap-ups or receipts of things we already know in and out.
Anyway: summer is here, I’m rebooting. Fantastic to be here!


May 22nd, 2005

Final exams at School, checking popular late at night. Adam and I are representing SSES in the European Business Plan of The Year Competition next week. With participants from INSEAD and Imperial College, I still hope we stand a chance to win!


Hours after the final exam, I’m rebooting with Henrik, Adam, maybe Jyri and some other people. We plan to take the train from Stockholm down to Copenhagen on the 9th. Tell me if you wanna join in! [reboot on]