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Onelinr is back and better!

August 13th, 2008

Henrik and I took some time this weekend to port Onelinr, the super-simple backchannel service I built last year, to Google App Engine. It was so much fun to port it that we decided to add a few of the most asked for features while we were at it.

Now you can sign in with your Google account and pick a handle if anonymous posting is to crazy for you. Another cool thing is that we have Fluid integration which means that if you create an SSB for Onelinr you’ll get growl support and an unread oneliner count in the dock badge on OS X when Fluid is in the background. Pretty sweet. This actually turns Onelinr into a quite useful office or conference backchannel that you can leave running in the background or on a big screen somewhere. You can also put it in the menubar with the help of the Fluid menu extra.

One thing we definitely want to add is oEmbed support for a few popular services, like SoundCloud, YouTube and Flickr. With that you could post a url to Onelinr and get the full track, video or photo displayed directly in the channel. For now we have textile support which means images only. If you want to help us out with the oEmbed integration feel free to fork and hack away on Github/Lighthouse. We’ll deploy the code if we dig it.