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The Screen

February 13th, 2007

My friend must have been happy the first time he turned on his newly bought pro screen, a 23” Philips Brilliance 230WP7NS with glorious 1920*1200 resolution. No dead pixels and perfect colors, ah!

My Philips screenThe screen, oh no, the screen.But then he noticed the foot of the screen was slightly slanted. “Hmm”, he thought, “should I return this screen that works perfectly aside from its slanted foot? If I do, I’ll get a brand new one that I can later sell without having to make an excuse about its foot. Damn, I’ll do it.” And so he did. Which he should never have. Because the new screen that came a few days later had a strange white outline around everything close to black. And so he called up Philips and had it replaced. With a new screen that had a bunch of dead pixels right in the center. And so he had that one replaced. He got back a new one, opened it up, and there was the outline bug again. Back in the box it went, replacement screen on the way.

That’s when he called me.

And, to make a long story short, I bought that replacement screen for half the price in an unopened box from my enraged friend. I open the box, light up the glorious screen, and discover…big fat white outlines. Around everything!
Call Philips. Replace. Unpack. Same thing. A week passes.
Call Philips. Replace. Unpack. …drum roll… same thing, plus the foot of the screen doesn’t hold it in place properly.
Ok, last chance I thought. Called Philips. Replacement screen arrives late friday afternoon. I don’t even bother to try it out.
…Until on monday morning. I unpack it. Make a new joke about Philips and their lousy tech support. Turn it on thinking to myself, “Wow, this is only the eighth replacement. Wonder what this cost Philips?”
And the damn screen works. Flawlessly. No dead pixels and perfect colors. No white outline from hell. And the foot sits steadily in place.

And now I can finally say it: Philips, you suck beyond words.