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Reboot talk video: On Sounds and Clouds

September 30th, 2008

Here’s the video from Alex’s and my talk on music distribution and cloud services at Reboot 10:

On Sound & Clouds: Reboot 10 Talk

June 27th, 2008

At Reboot 10, great conference as always, and just finished a talk I did with Alex about what’s going on in music on the web. Here are the slides:


May 22nd, 2005

Final exams at School, checking popular late at night. Adam and I are representing SSES in the European Business Plan of The Year Competition next week. With participants from INSEAD and Imperial College, I still hope we stand a chance to win!


Hours after the final exam, I’m rebooting with Henrik, Adam, maybe Jyri and some other people. We plan to take the train from Stockholm down to Copenhagen on the 9th. Tell me if you wanna join in! [reboot on]