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Listen To Blogs!

January 24th, 2009

After what was perhaps the most intense coding sprint (or marathon) I’ve ever been part of, Henrik, David and I launched Listen To Blogs about 5 minutes before the deadline of the absolutely great 24 hour business camp event yesterday. The idea came from Henrik, who wanted a way of listening to blogs in podcast format that didn’t have anything to do with dull text-to-speech.

The solution is a crowd-sourcing site where anybody can upload a podcast version of any blog post. You can use the platform to upload audio versions of your own blog post, or simply try your reading skills by recording an audio version of your favorite blog. On the site you can then tune in to the podcast feeds from any blog on the web. This is me reading “Our Desire for Backchannels” from this blog, for example.

To build this site in 24 hours we used no less than two clouds (AWS and Google) and three great services (Twingly for blog metadata, SoundCloud for audio hosting, App engine for application hosting). It’s pretty mind-boggling to think about the amount of computers involved in making all this work so smoothly. And what does it cost? $10 for a domain…

You can read more about the project here and vote for us in the 24HBC competition here.

At 24 Hour Business Camp

January 22nd, 2009

I’m currently in the archipelago of Stockholm for a short but super-exciting event, called 24 Hour Business Camp, arranged by a friend of mine. It’s especially great for me being invited here as a “secret guest” as the whole event is very much inspired by the half-crazy project that Adam Wern and I pulled off almost 5 years ago. It’s fantastic to be back with a really talented team building another startup in 24 hours, only this time we’re not alone. No less than 51 other teams are here with us!

This time we’re making a site that let’s you listen to blogs… more on that soon. Follow us live here and here.